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Surgical and Procedural Documentation and Scheduling

Surgical and Procedural Documentation and Scheduling

Scheduling Portal

  Use the Scheduling Portal for New Requests, Changes, Cancellations, and Rescheduled Requests, Confirmations of Line-ups and submission of Block Releases.
  Downtime versions of the Surgery Scheduling Sheet for your specialty can be submitted via fax to scheduling at 541-706-6342.
Contact Scheduling to request access or report issues.
  Call-in request directly to the Operating Room Desk at 541-706-7789
  Add-Ons are cases requested for the same day or next-day requests made after 11 a.m. the previous business day.


For the convenience of our MD offices, the forms listed below are formatted as Adobe Acrobat fillable .pdf forms. Click the links below to access the forms and save a copy to your desktop.

Downtime Surgery Scheduling Sheets Fax to Scheduling541-706-6342
Special RequestsFax to Materials541-598-3480
History and PhysicalFax to Medical Records541-598-3403
Surgical and Procedural Block Release Fax to Scheduling541-706-6342
Surgical and Procedural Block RequestSee Form for Submission Options 
Flat Fee Request FormSee Form for Submission Options 
Informed Consent FormsSee Form for Submission Options 


Surgical Phone: 541-706-7788
Procedural Phone: 541-706-7728
Fax: 541-706-6342

Medical Records
Phone: 541-706-7166
Fax queue: 541-598-3403 (surgical and procedural-related medical only)

Phone: 541-706-4902
Fax: 541-598-3480

Main Operating Room
Phone: 541-706-7789

Pre-Surgery Clinic
Phone: 541-706-2718