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da Vinci Robotic Surgery

St. Charles is revolutionizing surgical care in Central Oregon

The surgical system that has been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of minimally invasive procedures over the past decade is available here in Central Oregon.


Often called a "robot," the da Vinci® Surgical System actually translates your surgeon's hand motions into smaller, more precise movements.

According to da Vinci®, surgeons can operate with greater precision, while you experience less scarring, fewer side effects, a shorter hospital stay and a potentially faster recovery compared to some traditional surgical procedures.* If you've been putting off surgery to resolve health problems, it's time to ask your doctor about da Vinci Robotic Surgery.

All surgeries involve risk of complications. Before you decide on surgery, discuss treatment options with your doctor.

* Based on clinical data.

For more information about da Vinci Robot benefits, please visit

Central Oregon surgeons credentialed to operate using da Vinci:

Mary Ann Ahmed, MD — OB/Gyn
Stephen Archer, MD — General Surgery
James Carlson, DO — OB/Gyn
Darren Kowalski, MD — General Surgery
Phuong Nguyen, MD — Colon and Rectal Surgery
Brian O'Hollaren, MD — Urology
Erin LeGrand, MD — Gynecology
Peter Palacio, MD — OB/Gyn
Eric Shreve, MD — Urology
Erin Walling, MD — General Surgery
Matthew Simmons, MD — Urology