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One in eight women (and some men) will face breast cancer in their lifetime. In our communities of Central and Eastern Oregon, this translates to over 200 new breast cancer diagnoses each year. Sara’s Project believes that no one should face breast cancer alone. To put action to that goal, Sara’s Project funds a number of support services and programs promoting breast health in Central and Eastern Oregon.

For information on these programs, contact 541-706-5800.

Breast Cancer Kits

Sara’s Project provides kits for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. These kits are designed to offer helpful resources, emotional comfort items, a hopeful video message from local breast cancer survivors and the important message that no one should face breast cancer alone. You can watch the video below.

The Support Sisters Program

The Support Sisters program, in partnership with Cancer Hope Network, pairs newly diagnosed patients with breast cancer survivors to provide one-on-one support, comfort and hope from someone who has already faced breast cancer.

Breast Health Education

Our community breast health educator is available to conduct free presentations regarding breast cancer early detection and risk reduction to interested groups. Educational materials are also available or arrange a speaker for your group to learn:

  • How to identify your personal risk factors for breast cancer
  • Healthy lifestyle strategies to lower your risk of breast cancer
  • How to plan your best early detection plan

Breast Cancer Care Guide

The Breast Cancer Care Guide is your guide to breast cancer care in Central Oregon. The guide includes information on breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and can help you navigate local resources. To receive a copy of this guide, call 541-706-5800 or download here.

Breast Cancer Assistance

To help patients focus on healing, Sara’s Project provides financial assistance for patients who need help with non-medical expenses including transportation, childcare, lymphedema supplies, utilities and groceries.


Sara’s Project supports the research department at St. Charles Health System, allowing patients in Central and Eastern Oregon to have access to the most promising new breast cancer treatments through clinical trials.

For more information on the St. Charles Cancer Center, click here.

High Risk Breast Clinic

Sara’s Project supports this program to identify local women at high risk of developing breast cancer, educate them on risk reduction and screening and support them as they navigate their options.

After the diagnosis: Breast cancer survivors share wisdom and hope