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$73k donated by Net Hope Net Zero Project

Years ago, local homebuilder David Hesla had a dream: to help friends and neighbors fighting cancer by doing what he does best.

As a result, the Net Hope Collaboration Project was born.

Hesla teamed up with Joe Emerson and Ann Brayfield of and David Sailors of the Garner Group to build a more affordable zero net energy home with the goal of donating proceeds from the sale to St. Charles Foundation for cancer support services.

An inspirational effort by area organizations made his idea a reality. The house, located in southeast Bend, has now sold, raising over $73,000 for services including integrative therapies and nurse navigation for patients confronted with a cancer diagnosis.

“Net Hope is supporting the community in two ways. It’s Net Hope for cancer patients and their families and Net Hope for global warming,” said Joe Emerson at “All new housing becoming Net Zero Energy is one of the important steps we all need to take toward reducing carbon emissions.”

The buyer, local artist Beale Jones, was inspired by the house itself, but she said, “the two-fold mission of this beautiful structure sealed the deal.”

As one who is environmentally conscious and concerned about global warming, an affordable zero net energy home was perfect. And as one who has been directly touched by cancer many times, the mission of supporting cancer services was very special to her.

“Like many people, I have family members who have struggled with cancer and died from it. I also lost the best friend I ever had this year to cancer,” she said. “Knowing that cancer patients at St. Charles will be supported makes me incredibly thankful and happy. This house gives back every day.”

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For more information or to donate, please contact St. Charles Foundation at 541-706-6996 or