St. Charles Hero Fund

In recognition of the sacrifices of those on the front lines caring for COVID-19 patients in Central Oregon.

What is the Hero Fund?

In recognition of the sacrifices of those on the front lines caring for COVID-19 patients in Central Oregon, St. Charles is launching a new fund through St. Charles Foundation to provide additional financial support to eligible employees.

The St. Charles Hero Fund will provide supplemental financial support to caregivers who worked on the front lines from mid-March through April to honor the risks they are taking and show our appreciation. To be eligible, caregivers must have worked in direct patient care or on-site at a clinical location for at least 80 hours during this timeframe. The hero bonuses will be paid out on May 15.

“St. Charles caregivers in our hospitals, clinics, home health and patient support areas come to work every day knowing that even with taking appropriate precautions they could contract this serious virus,” Sluka said. “They provide essential care, while having to worry about potentially bringing home COVID-19 to their families. I am in awe of their heroism and honor the sacrifices they are making to care for others during this crisis.”

How does it work?

St. Charles, like most hospitals across the nation, is facing a daunting economic environment because of COVID-19. However, we believe it is important to provide this additional bonus pay to caregivers for as long as we can. St. Charles has committed $1 million to the Hero Fund and is asking the community to match our efforts in support of our caregivers.

“We have seen an incredible outpouring of support through donations of masks, food and other items for our teams,” said Lisa Dobey, executive director of community and philanthropy for St. Charles. “This is another opportunity for the Central Oregon community to show its love to our caregivers on the front lines of this fight.”

Future hero bonuses for St. Charles caregivers will be determined based on the success of community donations to the fund. To kick off the fund and inspire others to contribute, St. Charles President and CEO Joe Sluka is donating 50% of his paycheck during this timeframe to support St. Charles caregivers.

“Caring for our people throughout this pandemic is critical so we can ensure they will be able to care for others,” Sluka said. “If possible, and with generous community support, we hope to extend the Hero Fund beyond April.”

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