Saints Beneficiary Testimonials



Within two hours of my husband and I having our third child here at St. Charles Bend in 2003, three major diagnoses were delivered. We were devastated as well as scared and told we would need to go to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to see the pediatric specialists that could help us navigate the next steps and put together a treatment plan for her.

Over the next two years of her little life, we traveled at least once monthly out of the area to get the care she needed due to the lack of resources and specialists here in Central Oregon. This was exhausting both financially and physically….the cost of travel, hotels, the time off work, coordination of care for our two boys, etc.. There were times due to road conditions we were unable to make important appointments. There was a lack of coordination between all of the providers as there were so many of them. While she still has a team of 9 specialists and we have to travel less often to Doernbecher, the thought of having a developmental pediatrician and comprehensive interdisciplinary team here is Central Oregon is so exciting and needed.

In addition to being Victoria’s mom, I am the Executive Director of the Central Oregon Disability Support Network (CODSN). At CODSN we support over 2000 children who experience disability and their families in the region. This expansion of PEDAL clinic in Central Oregon is a HUGE need for the wellness of our children and their families.

You all have the ability to make it happen and improve the lives of these children and their families in more ways than you will ever know. You have the power to change their lives and impact our entire community. Let’s do this!!

- Dianna J. Hansen Executive Director, CODSN (Central Oregon Disability Support Network and Victoria’s Mom)

“I truly look forward to receiving Pedal reports for my patients. I cannot think of any other patient consultation that provides as thorough, well-rounded, thoughtful picture of a child’s mental, behavioral and developmental health. Their work is invaluable in our community.”

- Dr. John Peoples, COPA Pediatrician

“As a local pediatric cardiologist, I am so grateful that we have a PEDAL Clinic in Bend. Children with heart defects are at risk for learning and developmental issues, and neurodevelopmental evaluations are recommended for our patients throughout their journey from infancy to adulthood. Clinics like the PEDAL Clinic are typically only available at children’s hospitals, so having a clinic in Central Oregon that is familiar with our schools and local resources has been invaluable to our patients.”

- Dr. Urszula Tajchman

“The PEDAL clinic has been an invaluable resource for my patients and for me as a pediatrician. The professional and collaborative team at PEDAL has helped to diagnose and change the lives of so many in Central Oregon. I truly don’t know where we would be as a pediatric community without their expertise, compassion, and support.”

- Dr. Michelle Mills, Lead Pediatrician, Summit Health

“PEDAL is an absolutely phenomenal resource for Bend. It gathers a team of amazing providers from a variety of disciplines under one roof, so that kids in Bend with complex medical needs can get a thorough evaluation in their own community. Having to travel to Portland or Eugene for this type of evaluation is not only inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive, but takes kids out of their community rather than plugging them in to our local resources, as PEDAL does. I know when I refer my patients to the PEDAL clinic they will get a top-notch assessment and get connected to the services they really need.”

- Dr. Kathleen Broadman, Pediatrician, Summit Health

“Central Oregon is very fortunate to have the expertise and services offered by the extremely talented and dedicated clinicians at PEDAL. Our children and families get access to world-class comprehensive evaluations that guide treatment planning and lead to better health outcomes while lowering total costs of care due to early interventions. Please consider supporting PEDAL at this critical juncture so that they can on-board a full-time Developmental Pediatrician to round out their stellar team. Your support will ensure Central Oregon remains a leader in high-quality, early childhood developmental evaluations.”

- Dr. Mike Franz, Medical Director of Behavioral Health, Pacific Source