General Guidelines

What are some keys things you need to know?

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As a Community Organized Fundraiser organizer, you are responsible for planning and executing your event, including staffing. St. Charles Foundation is unable to produce, manage or staff approved fundraising initiatives. St. Charles Foundation will provide you a point person who will answer your questions and help you make your event a success.

  • All fundraising events must complete the Community Organized Fundraising application 60 days prior to the date of your event or promotion launch that uses our name, logo or marks.
  • St. Charles Foundation must be advised in advance if other organization(s) will also benefit from your fundraiser.
  • St. Charles Foundation is unable to advance monies, solicit sponsorships or sell tickets on behalf of your fundraiser.
  • If your fundraiser plans to solicit sponsors, you will need to provide St. Charles Foundation a list beforehand of all those you plan to approach. St. Charles Foundation works with many businesses, you may be asked not to approach certain companies for support.
  • Due to confidentiality commitments, St. Charles Foundation is unable to release donor, volunteer, employee, physician or other mailing lists for the purpose of solicitation of funds or participation in your fundraiser or initiative.
  • If alcohol or games of chance (raffle, bingo or Monte Carlo (casino) games) will be offered at your fundraiser, you are responsible for ensuring all necessary licenses and permits are obtained.