Virtual Fundraiser


What is a Virtual Fundraising Page (VFP)?

Virtual Fundraising (VFP) enables you to mobilize your network of friends and family to raise funds for any purpose. Upon completion of the Community Organized Fundraiser application, St. Charles Foundation will generate a dedicated fundraising donation webpage and link for you. This personalized webpage allows you to share your story, set fundraising goals, and add photos to make it uniquely yours. You can select a specific fund at St. Charles Foundation to benefit from your efforts.

How does it work?

St. Charles Foundation will create a fundraising donation webpage for you on our web-based platform. Once created you then share it to all who you would like to ask for support from. Each page can benefit one fund of your choosing at St. Charles Foundation. You can set your fundraising goal, share your story, add photos to customize the page in more detail, making it more personal to your why*. VFP’s are an easy and effective way to raise funds for St. Charles Foundation without having to keep detailed tracking information and records. Your page is easy to share, you have no minimum required goal and can be used annually. 

*Individuals who create personal fundraising pages using the fundraise for St. Charles Foundation platform,, have the ability to post content and images. St. Charles Foundation has the right to remove or require removal of any content posted to a Virtual Fundraising Page for St. Charles Foundation fundraiser that it, in its sole discretion, deems objectionable. Content includes, without limitation, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, trademarks, logos, text, or any other form of advertising. The page creator agrees to make only lawful use of the personal fundraising pages for St. Charles Foundation platform and will use it only in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations. St. Charles Foundation reserves the right to contact the page creator or disable any Fundraise for St. Charles Foundation fundraiser at any time.

Why does it work?

With a personal fundraising donation page, you are empowered to share your stories and ask for support. The social sharing component helps raise awareness and encourages others to support your cause. As the donations start to come in, your page will show a scrolling donor list and a thermometer that fills as your total increases. Your VFP will engage those who donate as they help you reach your goal.

What is St. Charles Foundation’s role?

As you start to receive donations through your fundraising donation page, St. Charles Foundation will issue an individual tax-deductible receipt for each completed donation. Using a VFP is an easy and effective way to raise funds for St. Charles Foundation without having to keep detailed tracking information and records. 

What are some reasons to use a VFP?

There are a lot of reasons/ways you can be inspired to create a VFP, here are just a small number of ways: 

  • Donation day: Birthday, Graduation, anniversaries

  • In Honor/Memory of a loved one

  • “Thank you”

  • Annual National days/weeks/months (just some of the many: Cancer Survivor Day, Cancer Awareness Months, Doctors or Nurses Day, Hospital Week, Nurses Week.)

Why should I use a VFP and not a crowdfunding platform, like, GoFundMe ® ?

When you raise money through a VFP, the monies raised are directed to St. Charle Foundation directly and immediately. Additionally, because the money is not being handled by a third party, it goes directly to St. Charles Foundation, all donations are eligible to receive a tax-deductible eligible acknowledgement.  

Steps to a successful fundraising campaign:

  • Create an interesting fundraiser title
  • Write a meaningful fundraiser story
  • Choose the best types of photos and videos for your fundraiser
  • Pick the right fundraising goal
  • Share your fundraiser to get more donations
  • Thank your supporters
  • Post updates that can help you meet your goal

Can I see who had donated to my VFP?

You can see your donor’s name and gift amount on your dashboard if your donors choose to share the information at the time of their donation.

What if I want to create a team page?

We can make that happen! A basic Team Fundraising Page (TFP) will be created for the team captain. Once set up, you can the have the option of personalizing it the same way you personalize your VFP*. Share and invite folks to join your team. Once a member signs up on your team, you will be able to see their amount raised.

What if someone wants to support, but does not want to give online?

Our website is secure, and the donor will be able to access their receipts immediately. We can, however, accept gifts offline if needed. If you collect cash or checks from your donors, you will need to submit them at our office or mail checks as soon as possible. In order for the donation to be allocated to your fundraiser, you will need to let us know at the time you submitting the donation(s). Please include your VFP URL on the memo line of the check(s) and if needed, provide a note with any additional information. 

Please mail all donations to: 

St. Charles Foundation
Attention: Community Organized Fundraising 
2500 NE Neff Rd 
Bend OR 97701

Please remember:

St. Charles Foundation can only provide a written receipt for tax purposes for a donation if the donation is made payable to and received directly by St. Charles Foundation. 

If donations from your fundraiser are deposited into another account outside St. Charles Foundation and then donated as a single sum (i.e. one check) only the individual whose name appears on the check is eligible to receive a tax acknowledgement letter/receipt for the donation. In this instance, it is your responsibility to ensure the donors understand that a gift will not be acknowledged as a tax-deductible gift donation by St. Charles Foundation.

I am ready to start my Personal Fundraise Page, now what?

Great, your efforts will help make a difference in our community! Please complete the Community Organized Fundraiser application as soon as possible, or at least 60 days in advance. Once completed and reviewed, your point of contact with St. Charles Foundation will provide you with your VFP and be available to answer questions.

Good Luck!

What if I have questions?

You can email St. Charles Foundation staff at or call our office at 541.706.6996