Promoting Your Event

How do you tell people about your fundraiser?

No marketing or promotional materials may suggest that the fundraiser is being sponsored, co-sponsored, or produced by St. Charles Foundation or St. Charles Health System. All materials should clearly state that your event is “benefiting St. Charles Foundation”. The marketing and promotion materials must include the following approved verbiage:

Proceeds donated to St. Charles Foundation from this event and event organizer will be used to support St. Charles Health System. St. Charles Foundation can only provide a written acknowledgement for tax purposes for a donation (monetary or donated/in-kind goods) if the donation is made payable to St. Charles Foundation and received directly by St. Charles Foundation. We cannot provide tax credit if the donation is made to a third party.

While this event is being conducted to benefit St. Charles Foundation, the event is not sponsored or organized by St. Charles Foundation or St. Charles Health System, and St. Charles Foundation or St. Charles Health System is not responsible in any way for the event or any related activities.

  • All Community Organized Fundraisers need to have promotional and marketing materials reviewed and approved by St. Charles Foundation before they can be distributed. This includes, but is not limited to any commercial art, posters, press releases, flyers, TV/radio spots, or advertising. Please be sure to work with your St. Charles Foundation representative to ensure all materials obtain final approval. Requests may take several business days to process, please submit all materials early.
  • Consent to use any logos or collateral is at the discretion of St. Charles Foundation. You will be notified of the approved permissions when your Community Organized Fundraiser proposal is reviewed.
  • As the organizer, you are fully responsible for marketing and promoting the Community Organized Fundraiser event.